Our Supporters

We would like to thank our generous supporter for their donations. 

  • ILWU
  • Douglas Moore
  • Dr. Scott McCaffrey
  • Derrick Ishihara
  • Joseph Zuiker
  • Dennis Chang
  • Joanne Kealoha
  • Intern. Ass. of Rehab Professionals
  • Hawaii Association for Justice
  • Assurance Financial Partners
  • Summit Pharmacy
  • Vocational Management Consultants, Inc
  • IWP "The Patient Advocate Pharmacy"
  • Case Management Works

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Our Non-Profit Status


On 12/12/2012 HIWA was granted its non-profit status by the IRS, effective as of 11/30/2011

ER ID No. 45-4038392


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HIWA is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization

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