Here's a list of the various types of Worker Compensation available to Hawaii's injured workers; TTD, PPD, TPD, etc.



You may obtain medical treatment from a physician of your choice. However, you may be under the care of only one attending physician. Your attending physician may refer you to other specialist(s) with the approval of your employer's insurance carrier.

You may change your attending physician once, but you must notify the insurance carrier before making the change. Any other changes in attending physician require approval from the insurance carrier before the change. You should tell your physician that this is an industrial injury. Ask the physician to send the medical reports and bills to your employer's insurance carrier. You should be able to obtain the name of your employer's insurance carrier from your employer.



Any employer, other than those excluded below, having one or more employees, full-time or part-time, permanent or temporary, is required to provide WC coverage for the employees.

Excluded employment includes voluntary or unpaid workers for a religious, charitable, educational or nonprofit organization; student workers performing services for a school, university or college club in return for room, board or tuition; duly ordained, commissioned or licensed minister, priest or rabbi; domestic workers earning less than $225 (cash) per calendar quarter; domestic workers of public welfare recipients; certain twenty-five percent stockholders; all fifty percent stockholders; and real estate salespersons and brokers paid solely on a commission basis. An employer may, however, elect to cover the excluded employees.



If you are injured at work, immediately report the accident to your employer and seek medical treatment from an employer authorized doctor. Read on for further information.

Why can't I see my own doctor?

The law often says that employers must pay for all medical care related to the accident, so they control which doctors you may see. If you decide to go to your own doctor you'll be responsible for the bills. In limited circumstances, an employer's workers' compensation insurance company will authorize a doctor of your choice. The earlier you make the request the more likely the Workers' Compensation insurance carrier will authorize a doctor of your choice.


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