What can an injured worker do when the insurance carrier’s attorney violates a work comp law and has to pays penalties 18 months prior to a scheduled hearing, and then say’s this is not an issue. He also provided false testimony to a hearing officer. You see, at the DCD level, attorneys can submitt false statements and the DCD allows it, only at the appeals level they swear under oath.

I can provide documentation that this is going on.

I was awarded $17,337.49 for back ttd benefits from November 30, 2007 through May 27, 2008 and a Decision and Order was on July 25, 2008. Insurance Carrier I/C has 31 days to pay they took 66 days in violation of section 386-92HRS , and later paid the 20% penalty of $3,467.43 on January 08, 2010 four days before my hearing on January 12, 2010 and said upon payment this is no longer an issue. well i jus had a hearing on December 01, 2011 for the issue of Fraud because they tried to conceal the violation in a settlement agreement three times. As you know section 386-91 allows us to enforce payment if not received within ten days after an appeal has been filed and no motion for stay of payment has been filed. I am still going to file this complaint in Circuit Court.


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